The 12 Tribes Of Philadelphia

Here at Philadelphia, we have twelve tribes that each family is put into according to the alphabet of the last name of your family. 

Each name of each tribe starts with a letter coinciding with the name PHILADELPHIA.

JANUARY~The Tribe of Praise~The Foundation Of The Family

(Families Starting From A-C)

"To Revisit The Genesis Of Life And Build Upon It In Our Contemporary Settings"

FEBRUARY~The Tribe of Hallel~The Attitude Of The Family

(Families Starting From D-F)

"To Nurture The Proper Consciousness Which Shall Present God's Family To The World"

MARCH~The Tribe Of Influence~The Mission & Ministry Of The Family

(Families Starting From G-H)

"To Identify, Solidify, And Edify The Role Of Our Families"

APRIL~The Tribe Of Legacy~The Investment & Interest Of The Family

(Families Starting From I-J)

"To Cultivate The Family Stuff Which Has Been Placed In Us To Make Us Family"

MAY~The Tribe Of Ability~The Learning & Loving Of The Family

(Families Starting WIth K)

"To Develop The Construct For Biblical Instruction Which Should Inform Better Relationships Within Our Families"

JUNE~The Tribe Of Demonstration~The Yield Of The Family

(Families Starting With L-M)

"To Celebrate What Seeds Of God Have Been Sown In Our Families That We May Be Productive"

JULY~The Tribe Of Excellence~The Family & Self-Determination

(Families Starting With N-O)

"To Develop The Proper Definition of Ourselves, Name Ourselves, Create For Ourselves & Speak For Ourselves Instead Of Being Defined, Named, Created For And Spoken For By Others"

AUGUST~The Tribe Of Leadership~The Family & Collective Work & Responsibility

(Families Starting With P-R)

"To Build & Maintain Our Community Together & Make Our Sister's & Brother's Problems Our ProblemsAnd Solve Them Together"

SEPTEMBER~The Tribe Of Provision~The Family & Cooperative Economics

(Families Starting With S-T)

"To Become Better Manages Of All THe Resources God Blesses Us WIth & To Help Make Our Tomorrows Better Through What We Do Together Today"

OCTOBER~The Tribe Of Heritage~The Purpose Of The Family

(Families Starting With U-V)

"To Make Our Collective Vocation THat Of Building & Developing Our Covenant Community In Order To Restore Our People To Their Traditional Greatness"

NOVEMBER~The Tribe Of Increase~The Creativity Of The Family

(Families Starting With W)

"To Do Always As Much As We Can, In The Way We Can, In Order To Leave Our Families, Place Of Worship, & Communities More Beautiful & Beneficial Than We Inherited It"

DECEMBER~The Tribe Of Action~The Faith Of The Family

(Families Starting With X-Z)

"To Undergird Our Families With The Knowledge Of God, Reliance Upon HIm & The Need To Acknowledge Him In Our Ways"